Finally on the farm

August 23, 2013

Distance: 14.5 miles                      Climbing: no data

Our morning started as usual, coffee and breakfast and breaking down camp. We tried to go straight through the park we were in, but ended on a private road and in someone’s backyard. Turning around is normally quite annoying, but we found some blackberry bushes. After a quick snack we made a beeline for the main road.

Chandler and the blackberry patch

Chandler and the blackberry patch

We pedaled quickly through Nouans-les-Fontaines and onto the road to find the farm. We passed a few other farms, wondering which one was ours. Finally, we reached a sign advertizing fromage de chèvre and knew we found the right place. There wasn’t anyone around but a few goats on top of a huge hay bale.

First sight of the goats

Welcoming committee

We found the house and Alex came out to greet us and show us our room. We put our bikes away, changed clothes and immediately got to work. The farm Chandler and I chose was an organic goat cheese farm. Our first afternoon was spent in a flurry of activity which left us exhausted. We passed out that night knowing we had made the right decision.

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