November 9 – 10, 2012

We woke up to another cold morning and a ways to drive. Today we were headed to visit Chandler’s cousin. Mag and her husband and their five children live in a wonderful rural area of northern Virginia.

We stayed on the blue ridge parkway as much as we could which was nice, except that we encountered some dreaded snow. This is the first snow we have seen since the Yukon territory.


That horrible white stuff

We were treated to an excellent, healthy home cooked meal that night courtesy of Mag’s sister in-law Susan. The next morning, Mag’s husband made everyone breakfast and then sent everyone outside to play on a sunny and warm day. The game the kids invented involved drop kicking a soccer ball at cones and mini army men set up on top of a stone wall along the driveway.

Midday, we were shown the area, so we went to a winery to sample some delicious local wine.



Mag, you're on the blog!

After a bottle and cheese plate, we headed back to the house to blow bubbles.


First bubble game


Setting bubbles free

The girls made a concoction of ultra concentrated dish soap and bubble soap. We must have spent an hour blowing bubbles. It started out with just blowing bubbles, to trying to pass bubbles around to trying to set them free. We had a good time and had the cleanest hands on the planet.

Soon, it was time to head off to our next stop, Philadelphia. My girlfriend from AK moved there with her family to attend grad school.