November 7 – 8, 2012

Guess what we did today? Drove!!

We crossed into Georgia and immediately stopped at an information/ rest area. Chandler has been enjoying a little too much sweet tea.


Chan chugging

He picked up some Atlanta magazine and we found there is a coca-cola tasting room and a “Gone with the Wind” restaurant with three blocks of each other.

Following the GPS, we went straight to downtown Atlanta. Parking in any city is pretty much not an option with the trailer unless there is a big parking lot. Downtown turned into a fiasco with many wrong turns and cursing. Unfortunately, we had to skip both attractions and just kept driving.

When we got to North Carolina, we were suddenly out of the South and into Appalachia. There were “mountains” and quaint little houses and it just felt like the east coast. Chandler did not share my same feeling having grown up in Vermont.

We found a free place to camp in the middle of nowhere in a National Forest.


Road out of camping spot

The next day was also spent driving. This time we spent most of the day on a lovely scenic highway, the Blue Ridge Parkway. This road runs along the Blue Ridge in the Appalachian Mountains. It was a nice change of pace from the interstate.

The only problem was the road was periodically closed due to snow or construction. It was fun find to ways around the closures on little back roads.


Road closed

We spent the night in a empty parking lot overlooking a field off the parkway, and enjoyed a killer sunset.