Getting ready for the farm

August 21, 2013

Distance: 15.7 miles                         Climbing: 1322.2 ft

Another castle

Another castle

Our original idea was to go up to Tours to go to a store called Decathlon and pick up some items. We didn’t want to use our current clothing for farm work. We got through the town quickly and hit the “bike path” to Tours. The bike path ended up being a major highway with a decent shoulder. There were lots of semis and cars passing to close for comfort that we quickly ditched the current plan. There was a McDonald’s and we figured we could get internet to help us form a new plan.

We ended up pulling into a huge shopping area and decided we might be able to find what we needed there. We spent the next several hours looking for shoes for Chandler and jeans for me. We also spent a painful amount of time trying to connect with the internet.

When we finally left the mall megaplex area, we opted for the rural route. While passing vineyards and villages, Chandler and I played the name game for hours. The name games is very simple, One person picks a famous person, say Tom Hanks, then the next person must come up with another famous person who’s name begins with the first letter of the last name of the last person said, so Henry Kissinger could be the next name. It was actually pretty fun and we found ourselves at the campground before we knew it.



The campground ended up being in the middle of town and almost empty. Apparently, we are getting close to the end of camping season.

Standard French snack

Standard French snack

3 comments on “Getting ready for the farm

  1. Sandy Bender says:

    Now see, I could ‘snack’
    like that! I have been reading all of your blogs, and they are amazing, but I
    will be glad when you are back in Vermont! I think your dog misses you.(:

  2. Aunt Terry says:

    love the French snacks mmm!

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