From Pune to Mumbai

May 4 – 7, 2013

When we arrived in Pune in the late afternoon, we both wanted to leave immediately. The region around our hotel, across the street from the train station was busy, hot and filthy. We were unable to get Train tickets to Mumbai for a few days, so we were stuck. We spent most of our time either hidden away in our hotel room or searching for an internet cafe. We did sample a bottle or three of the local red wine and found it difficult to get out of bed the next day. We also experienced a peeping tom. I caught the grounds worker of our hotel peeking into our window at one point. Chandler went out to have a few words with him, to discover him waiting outside our door. The situation was extremely creepy, so we don’t have the warmest feelings towards the town and were all too happy to leave.

Local wine

Local wine

Mumbai, on the other hand, was delightful. Our hotel was in a beautiful area of town and we had an amazing view of the harbor from our room. We did the walking tour of local architecture advised in our guide book. The streets were mostly shaded from big leafy trees and there didn’t seem to be so many people around. No one hassled us and we found a great restaurant with the best chole batura!

Clock tower

Rajabai Clock tower

Great architecture

Great architecture

View from our hotel room

View from our hotel room

When we went back to our hotel during the heat of the day, we discovered that the power cord for our computer was dead. While we were in Delhi, our Nexus tablet stopped recognizing the charger, so we are currently down to one blog/internet device. Chandler opted to go search for a new power cord alone, as I am not the best companion when the heat with a mission. He eventually found a cord that worked with the computer after three attempts and almost 10 miles of walking. He celebrated his hard effort by watching a cricket game on TV.

We were out the door early the next morning to catch our train to Amritsar. We were finally headed North, hoping for cooler temperatures.

Dogs on a roof

Dogs on a hot tin roof

2 comments on “From Pune to Mumbai

  1. Aunt Rosemary says:

    The wine sounded interesting.

  2. Steve Engel AKA Dad says:

    Possibly an Indian version of “BOONES FARM”? or MD 20/20 ? They always stayed with you for a day or 2 Dad

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