January 7, 2013

The alarm went off three times before Chan was able to drag himself out of bed and turn on the light. We got dressed and were out the door by 545am. The temples were a few kilometers away from our guesthouse. My stomach was a little upset, but I assumed that was just due to hunger. We made it to Angkor Wat and found a spot on some rocks as the first rays of light were coming up.



The sunrise was beautiful, as everyone said it would be. We headed back to the guesthouse for breakfast so we could hit the road. My rear tire has a slow leak and I had forgot to pump out up yesterday, so it was slow going. About half way back, I felt something rumble in my stomach. Oh no. That can’t be good.

As Chandler ate breakfast, I got sick again. We just can not leave Siem Reap. I took a Cipro also and began to feel better after a few hours.


Playing in the dark

Tomorrow, we will be leaving Siem Reap…hopefully.

One comment on “Stuck

  1. Jeanne says:

    Beautiful photo of the sunrise.

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