Day 3: Near Whitehorse to Muncho Lake

More driving! We covered about 440 miles today, stopping for breakfast along Teslin Lake- mmm greyish yellow over easy eggs. There was a little bit of road construction here and there, one particular stretch of steep loose washboarded gravel was particularly unnerving with the trailer in tow. This picture makes the hill look about half as steep as it really appeared.

“Fun” gravel road section

Near the end of the day we stopped at whirlpool canyon where we debated if we would survive a run with the venerable SeaHawk II, which is probably the most elite level inflatable raft in the “extreme pool toy” class.

Jenny, Lucy and Chandler, undated photo

The water looked fairly low and probability of survival seemed high. Unfortunately (or luckily?) the SeaHawk was left in good hands back in AK.

Whirlpool Canyon

Lucy worked on some geological investigations.

Lucy looking stoic

When she was done, we drove to Liard Hot Springs for a quick soak. We saw bison around the hot springs, and took possibly the worst photos ever taken of them. Sorry.

Blurry bisons, no those ones in the foreground aren’t dead, just sleeping (I think)

We spent the night in a nice, secluded highway gravel pit above Muncho Lake that night. We were entering a mountainous part of the route, and had gained some elevation, so it was very chilly that night.

Gravel pit above Muncho Lake, cold!

One comment on “Canada

  1. ok, So who are the people in the inflatable raft.It says Jenny Lucy & Chandler but, I’m not buying it… lol

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