The Trip Begins

This post is a little dated. The trip began almost two weeks ago, but we did not settle on a “blog” name until tonight. I guess we are “bloggers” now. Enjoy. The first few posts are a condensed version of the trip so far, from Anchorage, Alaska to Granite Bay, California.

Day 1 Anchorage to near Tok, Alaska

No photos today. We started our trip from the driveway of our old house in Spenard after Chandler’s last day of work on October 1, 2012. After the obligatory 3 stops before leaving town, we drove north to head south, ending up somewhere outside of Tok around midnight. We spent the first night camped out in the back of the truck in a pullout. The temperature dipped into the high teens, and in the morning, the inside of the truck topper was covered in ice. To Canada!

Day 2 near Tok to outside Whitehorse, YT

Our drive south was pretty direct, motivated by the sub freezing night time temperatures in the back of the truck and the near freezing daytime temps on the road. We stopped periodically for quick breaks mainly for Lucy the Dog. The truck and trailer handled the hills admirably, only occasionally complaining in second gear near the tops of a few mile long 8-10% grade hills. Dinner tonight was at the slightly puzzling Canadian phenomenon of “Boston Pizza” which seemed to be nearly as ubiquitous as McDonalds in the cities of western canada. I guess they are around in the states as well, but I don’t recall them being as visible. We caught up on our baseball news including learning of the unsurprising rolling-over of the sox to the yankees in a final wimper to punctuate a memorable season. We spent the night at a rest stop near a bridge just south of Whitehorse.

Truck and trailer before crossing the US/Canada border, October 2, 2012

5 comments on “The Trip Begins

  1. Aunt Rosemary says:

    Dear ChanJen
    Wishing you both and Lucy the best of friends and sights along the way.
    If your travels do take you this far South to Texas you have a place to stay here as well as some good home cooking.
    Love Aunt Rosemary and Kent

  2. Rusty Bridle says:

    Have a Great adventure, if and when you make your trek to the east coast, you always have a place in New Hampshire ( or Florida ) if that is the case. Keep us posted on yout travels
    Rusty & Louise Bridle

  3. Pamela Bridle Caskey says:

    I am Rusty’s sister e but in CA at present. We are work campers on the Klamath River not far from the Oregon Border. We went to Crater Lake last month it was so beautiful.
    Your trip sounds great. We had a German Exchange student who is still in Germany. She came here in the spring and we got to see her and her husband and one year old daughter. Sandra is a pharmacist. If you need a connection in Germany I am sure she and her husband would love to show you all around. Just let me know.

  4. Mike Poling says:

    Hi you two! Just caught your blog for the first time while visiting Alyssa’s family in Granite Bay! Glad your long awaited journey has begun and that you are having a good time so far. Love your pics and quick wit! Enjoy and keep the post coming! You are ending your trip in Maui, right?

  5. Joanne Lawrence says:

    Awesome blog Chandler and Jenny. You are so busy and active….its amazing. I look forward to reading more about your adventure. Have the time of your lives. Luv ya – Aunt Joanne

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