The cabin gets a roof

With snow in the forecast, Tayler, Chandler and I worked at a fevered pace. Our goal was to get the roof on before the weather got too bad. The third and fourth walls went up quickly and soon we found ourselves working on the rafters. Everything was moving surprisingly smoothly, cuts were done right the first time and piece after piece fell right into place.

Lots of details

Tayler nailing in a rafter

While, I enjoyed working on the cabin, I was not looking forward to having to actually work on the roof. I am not exactly afraid of heights but prefer to have my feet closer to the Earth. Lucky for me, I had a job interview the day the boys and their uncle planned on doing the majority of the the work. The day after they put the metal sheets down, we got a few inches of snow, which would have shut things down pretty quick.

I began work as a ski instructor and my hours on the cabin and taking pictures came to a halt.

The weather started to get really cold, but we had a small kerosene heater in the cabin to keep things a bit warmer than outside. The walls were totally closed in, but we only had three windows in the front from Chan’s uncle. The boys found some salvage windows at a recycled materials store and framed the openings from inside the cabin, out of the weather. They cut the sheathing out with a saws-all and quickly put the new-to-us windows in before the wind cooled things off too much. The exterior of the cabin was done before I knew it.

Lots of details

The cabin

Lots of details

Nice light

Next on the agenda is putting in insulation, building a ladder to the second floor and installing the wood stove. Then maybe we can hang out inside without down jackets on…

2 comments on “The cabin gets a roof

  1. Aunt Rosemary says:

    The Cabin looks fabulous! Thank you for keeping this story going, I am looking forward to seeing the finished project when I visit again.

  2. Aunt Joanne says:

    Hadn’t visited for a while. You 2 are amazing. Building a cabin with your own two hands (not to mention traveling the world by bike). You are an example of modern day naturalists and I admire you so much. You make me want to be a better person, more intuned with nature and a simplistic lifestyle. Love – Aunt Joanne

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