Getting ready to go home

November 14 – 18, 2013

The remainder of our time in Colombia was spent relaxing. We had one more day at the beach before returning to Santa Marta to catch a flight back to Bogotá. We had left our bike boxes in storage at our first hostel, so headed back there. Unfortunately, the power was out on the whole end of the city we were in. We ended up spending hours at a coffee shop in an attempt to upload several blog posts on a very slow connection.

Lots of details

Primary Cathedral of Bogotá

Lots of details

More Bogotá street art

At this point, we were ready to go home which was reflected in our level of activity. We had lost most of our desire to explore the city and felt content to play chess at our hostel, go to a nearby vegetarian restaurant or be at the coffee shop.

Our last night was spent at an amazing Italian restaurant that made its own pasta and gnocchi. We reminisced about our favorite and least favorite days, people and lodging. For the most part, everything was amazing and even the bad or tough times we thought about fondly.

We went to bed late, too excited about our upcoming flight back to the US! Chandler and I have a lot of plans for our return.

One comment on “Getting ready to go home

  1. teamtoday says:

    We all knew the day would come, glad to see you home safe and sound, but sad to see the end of this wonderful blog. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing trip and all the effort it took to do so. I hope those “big plans” include a new blog for me to read with my morning coffee:)
    Jo Anne

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