Fast forward a few days

October 24 – 27, 2013

The next few days were spent relaxing and waiting for my friend, Kalyn to arrive in Colombia from Alaska. We hung around Salento for another day before heading to Manizales. We had intended to hike up a volcano outside of Manizales, but the park was closed and there wasn’t much else to do in town. So, we went to see Gravity in 3D. We both really enjoyed the film, but had slightly different reactions. I said I never wanted to go to outer space while Chandler claimed he never wanted to go scuba diving again. I got a big chuckle out of that.

After two days in Manizales, we took a bus to Medellín (pronounced med ah juh-een) to meet my friend. The days weren’t super exciting because we just laid low, but we did take a few pictures.


Palm tree




The Willy


Manizales from the gondola


Chandler in the gondola




Street art


Kalyn has arrived!

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