Free museums of Bogotá

October 18, 2013

Bogotá has a number of free museums and Chandler and I decided to take advantage of a few. We went to the Botero museum in the morning. The museum features a huge collection of paintings, drawings and statues not only from Botero, but also from other international known artists.


Man sitting with pipe by Picasso


Great genius by Max Ernst

Botero is probably the most well known Colombian artists and has a style that is all his own, Boterismo. Botero makes everything chubby and exaggerated. There were chubby people, horse, cats, chubby objects and buildings. It was very interesting.


Dancing couple


Earthquake in Popayan


No need to see the original now

The next museum we visited was the Museo Histórico Policía or the Police Museum. All 18 years olds are required to serve one year with the national police force and we had one such individual as our guide. He showed us a number of confiscated items, historical items and a room of weapons. It was a strange mix, but we had a nice time.


It’s a guitar, no a shotgun, not both!


Cold war James Bond pen gun

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