FYI Going To China

We are planning on crossing the border from Laos to China tomorrow. There is and has been a few days lag between where we are now and when we post on the blog (it takes a bit of time to write things out, sort the pictures, etc) so this may seem like a big jump forward, but we’ll be filling in all the details of where we have been in northern Laos as we can.

We’re just not 100% sure how the internet will work once we are in China, so if you don’t hear from us, don’t worry! We’ll figure out how to keep things updated.

7 comments on “FYI Going To China

  1. charlotte rosshandler says:

    Oh dear, I do hope that you find good connections in China – I’m so attached to your blog and might even worry about you if you are absent too long. I feel as though I’m seeing a wonderful world through your eyes and your energy and thank you so much,
    Charlotte, Jo Anne’s VT friend

  2. Aunt Terry says:

    Have a safe and wonderful time in China. Your blog is addicting! So, I too hope you will have internet connection there. Sending love to you both.

  3. Christianne says:

    I guess we are all addicted. I always look forward to the next “chapter.” Be safe!

  4. Steve Engel AKA Dad says:

    Hi Chan and Jen, enjoy the ride. I hope you find some cooler weather on this part of your journey. Chan, have a C17 for me and Jen, a Gen Tso Tofu for Jeanne and all the other Vegitarians out there. Enjoy! Dad

  5. Steve Engel AKA Dad says:

    Hello again, I should have said, vegetarian. Well you know what I mean. Hope you find good food an travels. Dad

  6. Aunt Rosemary says:

    I’m looking forward to the next blog, and as always happy trails, good food and good times.

  7. Sue Girvan says:

    What a wonderful trip so far! Enjoy China and all it has to offer. Heres to good roads, making new friends and of course good food! Thinking of you both! Be safe and have fun.

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