Angkor Temples: Day 1

January 2, 2013

We made arrangements to met up with Seyha, Henri, Isabelle and family at 6am to begin our bike tour of the Temples of Angkor. We were excited to be spending the day with other people. Also, Seyha knew routes to the temples that were off the main road.


Secret path


Faces of Bayon


Apsaras in ruins

While the incredible size of the temples is amazing, I found myself drawn more to the details of the carvings.







The group we were with was a lot of fun. The kids range from 5 to 14 years old and have been riding around europe and asia on bikes for 8 months! Chandler and I were super impressed and definitely made us think about traveling as a family.


Kids goofing off


Haven't had a dam on here for a while, somewhere in the jungle

I think we did more walking than we have done the entire trip. We were both tired at the end of the long day. We decided to not join the group the next day, but spent the day exploring alone at a slower pace.

4 comments on “Angkor Temples: Day 1

  1. Aunt Terry says:

    What a fantastic adventure for these kids, I am curious how they do it since the youngest is 5. Good for them.I could see you doing this with your kids, someday, Wow!

    • cjengel says:

      The youngest has a bike hooked onto the dad’s bike. Every other kids has their own bike. They just go slower and take more breaks. Really awesome family.

  2. Alyssa says:

    so are you saying you were worn out by the 5 year old’s pace?!

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