Search for a bike shop

December 6, 2012

We woke up super early this morning, got some breakfast and did some more gear organizing. Our mission today was to find a bike shop. Long story short, we found a shop and got the parts we needed.

We also got to experience biking in Bangkok traffic, which was good. The traffic is CRAZY with motorbikes weaving between cars and pedestrians darting across the road. Once Chandler and I were in Mexico with the family I nannied for, waiting at a red light on a multi lane road. After all the cross traffic passed, all the cars around us went through the intersection, even though the light was still red. That’s how traffic here is all the time, but I have never felt safer biking amongst cars. With all the motor bikes weaving around, and cars and busses starting and stopping suddenly, everyone seems to be paying attention and anticipating the actions of others.

Since we didn’t really do anything extraordinary today, here are a few
random photos from around Bangkok.


Spirit house


Standing Buddha



Tiled roof


Eggs outside market


Survey marker?


My new tail lght is probably better than Chan's

3 comments on “Search for a bike shop

  1. Amber says:

    Were the parts cheaper than they would have been here? How are you guys handling biking in that heat? I have been very curious about that since you did all of your training in Alaska!

  2. Aunt Terry says:

    what is the temperature?Hot n humid is hard to bike in go easy guys!!!

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