Sweatiest person alive

December 4, 2012

We woke up around 530am which was nice because it wasn’t too warm. We got some delicious donuts/dumplings filled with sesame seed paste. Next we wandered around through a fish and meat market, bought some iced coffee and egg puff things.



Eventually we found ourselves at a pier. After figuring out where we were and were we would go, decided to hop on one of the boats.


Sunrise and temple


Different temple

We were going to see the reclining Buddha, but the temple didn’t open for another 2 hours, so we just walked around.


Large produce market


Grand Palace


Around 10am we headed back to the hotel because it was extremely warm out and I was exceptionally sweaty. After a shower, we headed out for lunch. It was surprisingly hard to find vegetarian food on the street near our hotel, but not impossible.

We spent the hottest hours of the day in our room hanging out in our underwear doing laundry in the sink, reading and putting the bikes back together.
By the end of the day we had two fully assembled bikes and were ready to start loading up the panniers.

Bangkok is a crazy place and is pretty exhausting, everywhere in every space there is something going on at all hours. There is so much to see we have been putting off our departure. Tomorrow is the King’s birthday which is supposed to be a big celebration, so we figured we’d stick around for that.

7 comments on “Sweatiest person alive

  1. Jeanne says:

    Great to see some photos of Bangkok. The market places must be a sensory extravaganza! Whatever your eating Jenny looks delicious.

  2. Aunt Terry says:

    Oh, I love the blog. Thanks for the great photos…have a blast!

  3. Sandy Bender says:

    Love that you’re writing a travel blog!

  4. Amber says:

    What is that stick thing Jenny has? What good timing to arrive by the king’s birthday! Chan stop going off alone. Drink lots of fluids. Change your underwear. Do I sound like a mother yet?

  5. Steve Engel AKA Dad says:

    Looks like you both are finding adventure right outside your door. The stuff on a stick Jenny is ready to eat looks good. I can’t believe the coffee at the airport was $9.00 US! That’s how much a beer was at Fenway. They need a good dose of GMCR. That temple always fascinated me. remember the Tai exhibit at the NY Worlds Fair back in the sixty’s and how elegant the hosts and hostesses were in their native costumes. They had replicas of the Palace and other buildings to scale. Have fun and keep us up to date when you can. Dad

    • cjengel says:

      The stuff on the stick was a fried smashed banana dipped in a sweet sauce. Pretty good. The temples and palace are super cool. Loving the different architecture.

  6. Aunt Rosemary says:

    I had to look up panniers—Chan leave a note or bread crumbs when exploring alone, I think I would love to try the fried foods most of all and I guess I would have to give up beer until I found some in my price range. Happy Trails

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